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Hawks fans are all a-Twitter during playoffs

May 06, 2014|By Jake Bressler, @jabressler | For RedEye

This could only happen in the Windy City. The one awful series in this legendary NBA first round involved your Chicago Bulls.

Fortunately, the Blackhawks are starting to look like favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. And we’re approaching the stage of the playoffs when beards transition from quirky to downright creepy.

-Patrick Kane scored two goals Friday night in a Game 1 win against the Minnesota Wild. He’s also sporting his annual “Business in the front, party in the back” spring hairstyle.

Let’s analyze this tweet for a quick second. Not only does this guy have a mullet, but his day was made when he received a compliment about it. And, he’s at a drive thru. I think it’s fair to say that he’s winning in all aspects of life.

-If only Kaner was still in his early-20s binge-drinking phase because he would have had a pretty great wing-man over the weekend.  

So apparently Rob Ford is in Chicago. Patrick Kane is in Chicago. I think it's party time.

“I told you, Mayor, I play professional hockey. I don’t have any crack.”

-We can say with almost 100 percent certainty that The Captain did not partake in any drugs on his birthday.

Happy 26th Birthday to Jonathan Toews, the best captain in the NHL!!!

He’s already won two Stanley Cups and a pair of Olympic gold medals. My greatest achievement at that age was buying a Swiffer.

-Toews just happens to share a birthday with a certain turnover prone quarterback (and general favorite of this column).

Today the best athlete in Chicago celebrates a birthday. Also Jay Cutler turns 31.

Wow, he’s pretty old to still look like he hates his teammates.

-On to baseball, where the Cubs actually won three straight games this week and briefly climbed out of the division cellar. But the biggest news was perhaps a long-term solution to the terrible 7th inning stretch tradition at Wrigley since Haray Caray’s death.

You know what I want for all Cubs' 7th inning stretches: Hologram Harry. If Tupac can do Coachella, Harry can hit Wrigley 81 times.

Couldn’t they sing it together? Pac would perform “All Eyez On Me” after Harry said “Let’s get some runs.” I think it’s a no-brainer for team owner Tom Ricketts.

-In case you hadn’t noticed, because it’s now a completely meaningless series, the Cubs play the White Sox this week. Yep, the crosstown matchup used to be a lot more exciting. Just ask a current player who was actually around when it still meant something.

Konerko has fond Cubs-Sox memories: "Those three days, when I was younger, Cubs-Sox was like a trip to Vegas. Action-packed."

Now it’s like driving to Aurora.

-And finally, ABC 7 sports reporter Jim Rose teaches us the art of the subtle Twitter segue.

After 1, @NHLBlackhawks lead @mnwild 1-0. Should be 2-0. What do you tweeters think of V. Stiviano. Donald Sterlings paramour?

Of the millions of tweets addressing Donald Sterling’s racism, I’m pretty sure this is the only one that also featured a hockey intermission score.

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