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If Wes Anderson directed a porn, 'The Grand Sausage Pizza' would be it

May 06, 2014|RedEye staff | RedEye

Move over, little lobby boy. The pizza delivery man is coming over.

Youtube user Nacho Punch imagined what a Wes Anderson porno might look like and then produced "The Grand Sausage Pizza." It's a classic tale of woman orders pizza, sleazy pizza delivery man comes over and suddenly they're in a small tent with a dick-laden pizza and fuzzy fuchsia handcuffs. 

The video is a sexual innuendo-filled satire of Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel," which RedEye's Matt Pais gave four stars. Mirroring the style of Anderson's most recent film, "Pizza" captures all the idiosyncrasies of the random pizza-delivery-man hookup. 

After all, what's closer to sex than a "pizza with my dick on it?"

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