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Lovely Lupita: Most beautiful person

For once, we can't argue with People magazine

April 23, 2014|By Dana Moran, @redeyedana | RedEye

In a world of wardrobe malfunctions and waistline criticism, it's nice for People magazine to take a break twice a year to recognize the hottest of the famous hotties. The men have a title all their own (sexiest man alive), because the patriarchy, so the top slot on the mag's world's most beautiful list tends to go to a woman. And this year, what a woman they have chosen: Oscar winner and overnight star Lupita Nyong'o! In celebration of this awesome choice, here are our favorite looks from America's newest sweetheart.

Bonus factoids: Three men have snagged the title of world's most beautiful person: Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio, in three consecutive years. Julia Roberts has won FOUR TIMES (1991, 2000, 2005 and 2010), and we would really like to know who she's paying off. 

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