Brian Williams raps 'Gin and Juice' with Jimmy Fallon's help

(Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles…)
April 22, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

We're still holding our breath for "Gangster's Paradise." 

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday, the late night host debuted another single from an unlikely rapper—NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams. After garnering more than 8 million views of his rendition of "Rappers Delight," Fallon's team spliced together footage of Williams to create a spot-on cover of Snoop Dog's "Gin and Juice." 

Props to the video editor on this one. It's got to take a sharp ear to pick out audio that makes Williams sound like he's belting out lyrics that include "hoes," "bitches" and "indo." 

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