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Lorde 'live tweets' Bulls game, is stressed

(Screenshot/Deadspin )
March 18, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

If Lorde thinks sitting through a minor Bulls loss is stressful, she'd never survive baseball season.

Lorde, the New Zealand star in town for a Chicago show Tuesday, tweeted in total astonishment at the Bulls game from the United Center Monday night. Calling it "live tweeting" is generous. There was no play-by-play or complaints about blown technical calls, just seemingly stunned observations of the spectacle of a game. 

Maybe it was a needed escape. Her last tweet before the game (right after a mention of being in Detroit, ha), was this: 

So why not see an athletic event in a superior sporting town? (Editorializing intentional.) Seems like that was the plan, until she got to the Madhouse on Madison: 

Tums, Lorde. Lots of Tums to offset the beer we drink to calm our nerves when watching any team in this town that isn't the Hawks. 

She continued throughout the game, providing straightforward descriptions of pretty much everything but what was going on in the basketball game. 

— Lorde (@lordemusic) March 18, 2014

And thus concludes this chapter of "Lorde goes to a Bulls game." We can't wait for the Wrigley Field edition, where a tweets like "a sad looking man fell on the seat in front of me," and "they just hung a big flag with the letter L on it, everyone is going to the bar" will be expected. 

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