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Lady Gaga vomit artist coughs up story

March 17, 2014|By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol | RedEye

Millie Brown may not have become a household name last week when she performed at South By Southwest with Lady Gaga.

Then the 27-year-old "vomit artist" showed off her gag reflex March 13 by puking numerous times all over Gaga during the singer's performance of "Swine.”

"I wasn't expecting so many reactions from it," Brown tells "It was quite a powerful performance."

And messy. But it fits in Brown's oeuvre. Her puke paintings—that's right, she regurgitates colorfully on canvas—sell for about $20,000 each, she tells Elle. She's been doing them since she was 17 years old, she says.

"I wanted to use my body to create a performance that was about the beauty from inside out. I came up with the idea of actually vomiting a rainbow using my body as a tool to create paintings," the performance artist explains.

She is not, however, commenting on eating disorders.

"I think the whole bulimia thing—It's important for people to know that I'm not trying to promote it," she says, adding. "It doesn't hurt. It feels completely different from when you're ill. It feels quite good in a way, because it's like you're cleaning your body out. It's kind of a cleanse."

Uh-huh. Let's agree to disagree.

Read more about Brown, the Lady Gaga performance and her thoughts on upchucking at Below, watch one of Brown's past performance pieces.

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