Dunkin' Donuts getting complaints about scratch-off game

March 14, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

The people have spoken, and they're having trouble getting their free doughnut. 

Chicago Dunkin' Donuts shops are participating in "Sip Scratch Score," a scratch-off trivia game with the promise of a free menu item if the correct answer is removed on the cards. The problem? Some people are having a really tough time with the game pieces. 

"Yeah, I've all but given up," reads a comment in a thread on r/chicago, titled "Has anyone figured out how to scratch off the Dunkin Donuts scratch and win?"

The thread garnered quite a few responses, some reporting the same problems and others offering their fool-proof methods for removing the stubborn wax from the cards. 

Even Dunkin' Donuts knows about the problems. 

"We have found a small percentage of game pieces are difficult to scratch," a spokesperson said in an email to RedEye. "I have had no trouble and I'm a frequent customer! ... but we have received some complaints." 

If you've ripped or otherwise mutilated your shot at some free hashbrowns or a doughnut, all is not lost. Dunkin' says users can find a form on sipscratchscore.com to receive a new game piece. 

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