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Kittens aren't all that's cute in 'Cats + Abs' video


March 04, 2014|By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol | RedEye

I don't know much about hippity-hop, but I can spot some hot abs. And I approve of the six-packs in "Cats + Abs," a rap music video created by the editors of

In the video, shirtless hunks CJ Richards, Eduardo Ramos and Jason Cameron, along with some kittens (also cute), perform the rap written by Richards and Ramos in support of the Humane Society and to drum up interest in animal adoption.

Richards contributes to, while all three men are models employed by Ford and Wilhemina.

The cats—not the guys—are available for adoption at The Humane Society in New York. (FYI, Chicago's Humane Society is loaded with adoptable cats and dogs, too.)

I bet you won't be able to get the lyrics "cats and abs," or these images, out of your head.

You can find the guys on Twitter: @CJRichardsNYC, @Nueves and @JasonCameron13. They're using #HandsomeForHire.

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