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Goose Island to release new 312 variety

Urban Pale Ale to debut March 12

(Courtesy of Goose Island )
March 03, 2014|By Kate Bernot, @redeyeeatdrink | RedEye

If you're used to telling your bartender "I'll have a 312, please," you'll have to be more specific.  Beginning March 12, Goose Island Beer Co. will debut a second beer in its 312 line312 Urban Pale Ale.

Goose Island's current pale ale, Green Line Pale Ale, is a draft-only beer available exclusively in Chicago. With the debut of 312 Urban Pale Ale, the brewery will offer a pale ale nationwide. The beer will join 312 Urban Wheat Ale, the classic yellow bottle--and as of 2012, can--that has become an accessible, lightly hopped Chicago staple. Brewed with three types of hops and a caramel malt, the pale ale comes in at 5.4 percent alcohol by volume.

Have questions about the new brew? Goose Island's head brewer, Brett Porter, will conduct a Reddit Ask Me Anything on March 12 at 3:12 p.m. CST. Are those enough 312 references for you?  @redeyeeatdrink

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