John Stamos lookalike sought for Roscoe Village roommate

February 26, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

Non-Greeks needn't apply. 

A Craigslist ad that surfaced Wednesday seeks a roommate in Roscoe Village. A very specific kind of roommate actually: A "Full House"-era John Stamos to act like Jesse Katsopolis. 

The bizarre ad, posted by "two 30-year-old dudes", lists a $500 a month, 5,200 square foot apartment on Belmont Avenue to anyone resembling the "Full House" uncle. 

"My fellow heterosexual friend and I are looking for a roommate that looks similar to John Stamos to become the Jesse in our lives," the ad states. "I recently had a daughter and am relocating from New York to move in with my friend."

Specifically, applicants must: 

  • Be of Greek descent
  • Know how to play the guitar/drums
  • Have great hair
  • Be obsessed with Elvis Presley
  • Also be good with children because just like Full House you will need to take an active part in raising my child.
  • Whenever you pick up the phone you must say "Talk to me"
  • When things aren't going your way you must say " Have Mercy"

While there's no evidence at all to back this up, we have a hunch the person behind the @RiotFest twitter handle has something to do with it. Their obsession with Stamos, and the fact that there was a giant butter sculpture of Stamos at last year's fest, backs up our hunch. 

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