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Ooooh heaven is summer fest music


  • Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar (Mike Coppola/Getty Images )
February 26, 2014|By Kate Bernot, @kbernot | RedEye

Hands up in the air! Now sing it with me, people: "Ooooh baby do you know what that's worth? Ooooh heaven is a place on Earth!"

Yes, those are the glorious musical stylings of Belinda Carlisle, the former Go-Go's singer who will open Northalsted Market Days this summer. Kind of a perfect combo, no?

Tuesday's announcement of this delightful headliner—plus the desire to think about warm weather instead of the fact that I've worn nothing but duck boots for four months—got me imagining other epic Chicago summer festival headliners. Cross your fingers and maybe some of these could come true?

Jimmy Buffett at Roscoe Village Burger Fest

He could sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise" 47 times in a row. Tell me some Roscoe Village parents wouldn't be really into that.

Kanye West at West Fest

You can call this a stretch, but I bet 'Ye would at least consider playing if he thought the entire fest was in his honor.

The Roots at Square Roots Fest

See above.

Kid Rock at Taste of Chicago

Because what's more #America than listening to "All Summer Long" and "Rock n Roll Jesus" while devouring food on a stick? I would still avoid this fest like the plague.

OutKast at Lollapalooza

There actually is a chance this could happen, and it 100 percent would be the highlight of my summer.

Bratmobile and Bikini Kill at Riot Fest

This is another dream bill. Last year's Riot Fest brought together a bunch of my favorite nostalgia acts, and I'd love to see some of my favorite female bands from back in the day all in one place. I'm still angsty!

Kendrick Lamar at Pitchfork

Oh, this is already happening? Check!

Against Me! at Pride Fest

The punky misfits' new album, "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," is a well-done exploration of identity and politics ... and you can sing along to it.

Cold War Kids at Blues Fest

Blues Fest is a venerable city institution that could use an injection of cool to bring in some younger crowds.

So, yes, a lot of these are a stretch, but if there's one thing Chicago summers are for, it's dreaming. Let's get this letter-writing campaign started, shall we?

Kate Bernot is RedEye's nightlife and fests reporter. She's a huge advocate for plates that have a built-in beer cup holder.

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