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WGN Morning News goes silent, anchors use dry erase boards to communicate

February 21, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko

We can't hear you!

No, it wasn't your TV's speakers burning out this morning. A technical meltdown at WGN Morning News caused all audio to go out, and naturally they made the best of it. 

Anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten used paper, markers and dry erase boards to communicate with the audience. The only working audio was a remote microphone outside the studio. 

"Send help," "Try Ctrl + Alt + Del" and "Still more interesting than Channel 7," were among the amusing messages the anchors sent. They even poked fun at bosses insisting on cheaper audio equipment as the reason for the outage. 

"This tops it all," Baumgarten said when the audio finally came back. 

Don't change, guys. 

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