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CTA bar map flops stops for drinking establishments

(Thrillist )
February 20, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

"This is Sidekicks. Doors open on the right at Sidekicks." 

Give props to Thrillist this week for creating one of the most useful CTA maps since, well, ever. The site knocked together a map of the entire CTA system -- save for Skokie -- and renamed each stop to the name of the best bar in an under 10 minute walking distance. 

That means Belmont Red becomes "Sheffield's" and the Ashland Green becomes the Cobra Lounge, and on from there. The RedEye offices collectively kicked ourselves and wondered why we didn't think of it first. 

(Larger version here.)

Inevitably, however, maps of these sorts always cause conflict. Commenters on the site are already making arguments about what was overlooked. Shouldn't the Damen Blue be "Piece?" Why is there a lack of gay bars on the map? 

Either way, Thrillist deserves a drink. 

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