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Bears' Martellus Bennett releases mixtape: 'Year of the Orange Dinosaur'

((Soundcloud/Handout) )
February 11, 2014|Ernest Wilkins, @ernestwilkins | RedEye Sound Board

Say what you want about Martellus Bennett, at least he's consistent.

The Bears tight end has released a new mixtape of original raps with the clever title of "Year of the Orange Dinosaur." This release follows 2011's "Fast Food." If you're concerned that this new venture will be a distraction, fret not: Bennett took to Twitter to let everyone know not to expect a long rap career from him.

"I am not a rapper or musician nor do I want to be. I'm just creative trying to express myself in as many ways as possible," he tweeted.

Shine on, you crazy Black Unicorn. Listen to the whole tape below.

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