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Watch dubstep DJ Datsik literally bring the roof down at Concord Music Hall

February 11, 2014|By Ernest Wilkins, @ErnestWilkins | RedEye Sound Board

Last Friday night, dubstep producer/DJ Datsik played a packed show at the Concord Music Hall in Logan Square. He unleashed a flurry of bass heavy tracks including this, which resulted in literal chunks of the ceiling falling down, injuring three people. Datsik took to Twitter to apologize later that evening.

— Datsik (@datsik) February 8, 2014

Before today, only grainy cellphone video was available. Now there's a clearer video showing exactly the moment. Fun starts at 1:12.

From Instagram (@nickmancero):

ALSO: Here's a news broadcast of the event from WGN: 

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