Tom Skilling's forecast from 1980 might as well be predicting today's weather

February 05, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

The weather on Feb. 7, 1980 looked to be about as terrible as it is today, and of course Tom Skilling was there to give the forecast. 

In honor of National Weatherperson's Day, we dug up an early forecast from WGN's Skilling, and he might as well be predicting the weather today. There are hand-drawn maps, a "major winter storm"hitting parts of the country and a head of hair on our beloved meterologist. 

Quick Tom Skilling facts: 

  • He began his broadcasting career in high school at age 14. 
  • He's been at WGN since 1978. 
  • He's under contract with the station until 2022. 
  • His middle name is Ethelbert. 
  • He's been nominated for an Emmy. 
Watch another vintage Tom Skilling clip from the Museum of Classic Chicago Television below.

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