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Local look: Una Mae's

January 30, 2014|By Lauren Krause, @Lwkrause | For RedEye

Una Mae's
1528 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-276-7002

Step inside Wicker Park shop Una Mae's and you'll find retro pendant lamps, a plushy couch and a display table made from repurposed chairs and doors—it's got that laid-back vibe your hip aunt and uncle's place probably had in the '70s. Although Una Mae's specializes in vintage clothing, the shop also carries brand-new threads for both men and women as well as jewelry and home goods.

I found this incredible army jacket (Blu Pepper, $68), albeit with a slight identity crisis. The front and sides are traditional canvas and cotton, but the back is a stitched sweater complete with vibrant yellow and blues. I knew this would be the item that would anchor my look, so I chose a simple gray tee (Billabong, $34), but added a long necklace (Flea Market Girl, $45) for a flash of metallic. I added black faux-leather leggings (Plastic By Gly, $88) and booties with a thick wood heel (J Shoes, $100). I finished this look with this bright yellow hat (Brixton, $46) because I knew the color would really pop with the back of the jacket.

Where to wear it: Casual Friday, running errands or sipping cocktails with friends at your favorite bar.


-Colors don't always need to be a perfect match. The yellow in the hat wasn't an exact fit with the sweater, but because they're in the same family, the pairing worked.

-Consider investing a little more money into staples such as a great army or hunting jacket, which will never go out of style.

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