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Talking about Superheroes on TV with the Nerdlunch Crew

January 28, 2014|By Elliott Serrano, @ElliottSerrano | For RedEye

Last week I got to talk about the state of superheroes in television with the crew of the Nerdlunch Podcast. I first got to know them when Carlin "CT" Trammell was one of the Hottest Geek Guys of Winter in 2012.

It's always fun to talk to guys who are just as geeky as you are, although I think I may have gone a bit out of their depth when I started referencing shows like M.A.N.T.I.S. and "Bigfoot and Wild Boy."

 Give it a listen and let me know what you thought!

What were/are some of your favorite superhero tv shows? Let me know in the comment section or hit me up on Twitter! (@ElliottSerrano)

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