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Anna Kendrick, Shailene Woodley and more celeb quotes from Sundance

January 27, 2014|Matt Pais, @mattpais | RedEye movie critic

--  “It’s coming out of a lot of conversations that my wife and I were having about being artists and being parents and what that means in terms of making money, sharing responsibility, not having any money for child care and how that impacts what you have time to make. It’s a very personal movie. It’s very revealing.” –Swanberg on what he’s revealing of himself with “Happy Christmas”

-- “Speaking of dialogue being improvised, I was very surprised that the scene where Melanie and I literally talk about our sexual fantasies was cut. So you can never accuse [Swanberg] of being anything but above board. But I was a little bit sad.” –Kendrick

-- “It was more challenging playing the character in ‘Drinking Buddies,’ but to just be constantly throwing out the ugliest, most selfish parts of yourself was easy but made me feel really vulnerable. After each take I would be like, “Oof, Anna; gross. Super gross.” –Kendrick

 -- “Just two months ago I trimmed and was still working on something from year two. I had 10 years to think about it … everything about this movie was odd, was very different. The movie’s long, but it had to be. I’d never made a movie over two hours. This one is for a reason.” – Writer/director Richard Linklater on making “Boyhood,” which he filmed in small parts over 12 years

-- “I’ve just been a fan of Gregg’s work, everything that he’s done. I feel like it’s like a rite of passage to be in one of your films in a way. You don’t make many films, so when the opportunity came about it was a really special experience to jump on it, and the script was so poetic and so beautiful and eerie and creepy.” – Shailene Woodley on working on “White Bird in a Blizzard” with director Gregg Araki

-- “He has a clarity of vision and yet a very gentle nature. He gently guides you in a place where you feel safe and secure and you know it’s right. I learned a lot from you, and I really appreciated working with you.” – Christopher Meloni on Gregg Araki

-- “Any topic is open for discussion or parody. I’m not shy about that. I hungrily eat that stuff. I enjoy it.” – “Hits” director David Cross

-- “There was one thing where we wanted a song, I think it was literally 10 seconds of this song and they came back and said, ‘Oh, we want $50,000.’ We’re like, ‘That’s most of our budget.’ ‘No, $50,000.’ We came back I think offering $15,000. And they said ‘No, $50,000.’ It’s for a snippet in the movie and you’re like, ‘You coulda had $15,000 for doing nothing. You already did the [bleeping] work. I’m going to give you $15,000!’ ‘No, 50!’ All right, then now you’re getting nothing!’ ‘Good!’” –Cross on expensive music licensing

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