Lake Shore Drive scented candle is real, smells wonderful

January 22, 2014|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

"A windswept blend of fresh water, shoreline woods and a hint of mint."

If that's what Lake Shore Drive smells like to you, see a doctor. But as our friends at Gapers Block pointed out Wednesday, Bath and Body works has a "Lake Shore Drive" scented candle for sale, and it smells like nothing but waxy goodness. 

While we haven't lit one ourselves, the reviews on the site are all five-star. 

"This candle smells so lovely!" reads one review. "In the description there is no mention of melon, but I really think it smells like one!"

Yeah, there's no melon scent anywhere near LSD, unless you count cantaloupe rinds in a public trash can. 

Gapers Block notes the fresh water, woods and mint aroma pretty much means "they have never been on Lake Shore Drive." We agree, so take a look at some of our honest Chicago scented candles above. 

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