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Video/Q&A: 'Gimme Shelter' star Vanessa Hudgens

(Lenny Gilmore / RedEye )
January 20, 2014|Matt Pais, @mattpais | RedEye movie critic

People need to stop using the word “transformation” about Vanessa Hudgens’ role in “Gimme Shelter.”

Sure, the actress is unrecognizable in the film, opening Jan. 24 and based on a true story of pregnant teenagers receiving support at a New Jersey shelter. But considering Hudgens already has played a bikini-sporting badass in “Spring Breakers,” a meth-smoking prostitute in “The Frozen Ground,” a wounded inmate/scantily clad killer in “Sucker Punch” and a dangerous mystery woman in “Machete Kills,” it’s far too late to think she’s still just her innocent character from “High School Musical.”

“I want to do every single genre. I want to work with as many different people as I can. I want to continue to become a chameleon,” Hudgens says at the Park Hyatt on the coldest day on record in Chicago. “I’m blessed with 10,000 ethnicities; maybe not 10,000, but a lot of ethnicities. It’s easy for me to bounce around and really change the way that I look, and I love that. I love being able to give an audience member the experience of seeing a character and not seeing an actor … I feel like this is very close to playing a guy, honestly. I look like a boy, so I’m not far off from it.”

For “Shelter,” Hudgens, 25, gained 15 pounds, donned fake piercings and tattoos, cut her own hair and allowed very non-glamorous things to be done to her skin to play Apple, who runs from her drug addict mom (Rosario Dawson) and struggles with homelessness after discovering that she’s pregnant.

In this Chicago cold, I had a vision of you, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine doing “Winter Breakers” and having the worst possible time on vacation.

[Laughs] Yeah, like we get buried under snow or someone buries us into a snowman.

Like, “Why did we go on vacation in this weather?”

And we’re still in bikinis. [Laughs]

That would be a dangerous choice.

Yeah, it would be. Frostbite is a real thing. I’ve learned this today. [Laughs]

Before shooting “Gimme Shelter,” you actually moved into a shelter with young moms. Is there a story you haven’t gotten to tell about that experience that you can talk about now?

Oh, man. I don’t know. It was just a funny, odd experience. The kids are there all the time because the mothers are there and they have their children, and I remember one time one of the house moms brought her son out for a bath, and they had this little kiddie pool. It was summer, so it wasn’t cold or anything, but I remember her putting him in the water [Laughs] and his teeth just start to go crazy and they’re chattering and he’s freezing cold, but he was laughing at himself because he was just shaking and he was so cold. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And she proceeds to take off his diaper and poop flies everywhere. It was great. [Laughs]

Was the child still laughing at that?

Oh, yeah. He was still doing [she imitates a little kid laughing]. So cute.

After having those experiences, what now seems like the hardest part of having a child?

Just the fact that they take up your entire life. You don’t have time for yourself anymore. I enjoy me time still. So not [giving that up] anytime soon.

You auditioned in character for this movie. How different was your appearance on that day compared to how it turned out in the film?

Oh, it’s 100 percent more dramatic in the film for sure. I didn’t wear any makeup when I went in. I wore baggy clothes, I put my hair back, I was listening to gangster rap music all day. [Laughs]

What artist?

Like Wu-Tang. Heavy, grimy, good. I love it.

Can you remind me how a Wu-Tang song goes now?

There’s a lot. There’s Method Man, which I know way too many of the lyrics of. So don’t test me.

I’m testing you right now. Prove it.

[Laughs] No. It’s not lady-like. That’s Vanessa time. That’s what I have for myself, my rapping.

But for the audition it was mostly Wu-Tang.

It was mostly Wu-Tang. [Laughs] Wu-Tang was responsible of me getting this role.

In the movie you drink a raw egg, eat from the garbage and steal a car. Of those three, which had you done most often before filming?

Yeah, I’ve had zero experience in any of those.

A lot of firsts in this movie for you!

Yeah. I would hope so. [Laughs] The part that freaked me out the most is with the raw egg. No, honestly, all three of them really freaked me out. The raw egg was disgusting because it’s a raw egg, and that’s just disgusting. Simply put.


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