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Dress to impress for New Year's Eve: Ladies

Put together a countdown-ready look with the help of a Bucktown boutique owner

  • Von Z owner Jenna Zielbauer (left) pictured out a head-to-toe outfit from her store for New Year's Eve.
Von Z owner Jenna Zielbauer (left) pictured out a head-to-toe outfit from… (Samuel Gove / For RedEye )
December 03, 2013|By Lisa Arnett, @redeyeeatdrink | For RedEye

"For New Year's Eve, it is fun to get a new dress, something that's really flashy, but how many times are you going to wear that dress again?" said Jenna Zielbauer, owner of Bucktown women's boutique Von Z (1872 N. Damen Ave. 1N 872-206-5954). "Probably never, and it's probably going to be really expensive."

So when we asked Zielbauer to put together a countdown-ready look with items from her shop, she kept a few key things in mind. "The biggest thing for me is [to] pick an outfit that you're comfortable in. You don't want to be in a dress that's too tight, too short, 'cause that is going to affect your evening," she said. Versatility is also important. "With this outfit, I tried to put together pieces that you could incorporate in your daily wardrobe after New Year's Eve is over. It's fun to step it up a notch ... so these pieces are a little quirky."

A wow-worthy necklace is the easiest way to dress up an outfit. "It doesn't require a lot of thought; you don't have to think about mixing and matching bracelets and what not. It's just the right amount of sparkle for the outfit."
Pictured: Jeweled necklace, $38

"The faux leather legitimately feels real," said Zielbauer of this blue-and-black skirt, which has the dramatic look of leather without the price tag of the real thing. "It drapes like it's real, feels real to the touch and it has a little bit of stretch in it too, so it's meant to be form-fi tting ... but you can move and dance and be wild."
Pictured: Pink Stitch faux leather skirt, $86

A fur vest, whether it's real or faux, "is a nice touch," Zielbauer said. "It adds a chic element to it." Unlike a bulky coat that you'll likely have to check when you get to the party anyhow, this functions as a part of your outfi t with the bonus of keeping you toasty.
Pictured: Jin Diao fox fur vest, $143

"It has a chiffon feel, [and it's] a little bit see-through, so if you want to wear a black bra under it for New Year's Eve, that's really fun and sexy."
Pictured: Dex striped blouse, $48

Zielbauer picked gold heels for this ensemble, but said that any shade of metallic—from bronze to silver to rose gold—is fun for holiday parties. "I think its nice to wear a statement shoe, just because you might be dancing and it's a good focal point," she said. "And I do like the pointed-toe stiletto; I think it's a really sexy shoe, regardless of whether it's metallic or not."
Pictured: Schutz leather heels in gold, $190

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