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New Year's Eve beauty tips

Kiss 2013 goodbye with the year's hottest lipwear trends

  • Rihanna rocked matte red lips at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.
Rihanna rocked matte red lips at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. (Kirk McKoy / McClatchy-Tribune )
December 03, 2013|By Lisa Arnett, @redeyeeatdrink | RedEye

Since the evening culminates with a lip-lock countdown, New Year's Eve celebrations require a look that's first-and-foremost kissable. We consulted Chicago makeup pros Adriana Aude and Traci Fine on creating a stand-out New Year's pucker that's so 2014.

Aude's favorite off-ther unway trend for lips this winter is a matte orangey red. The adventurous choice looks flattering on any skin tone and it's special enough for New Year's. "When it gets closer to the holiday season, people want to be glamorous," Aude said. "[This color] just pops off your face." Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square and YSL No. 50 Rouge Neon are a few of Aude's favorite products to create an orangey matte lip.

Not feeling up to testing a new trend? Classic red is always in style. "It's all about finding the shade of red that looks good on you and that you're comfortable with," Fine said. She recommends warmer reds for darker skin tones and bluer reds for lighter.

Just because it's New Year's doesn't mean your face has to out-twinkle the Times Square ball. Illuminating primers that go on before the rest of your makeup, Aude said, catch just enough light for a pretty overall glow that doesn't overpower your lips.

Applying a clear lip pencil fi rst keeps bright colors from fading toast after toast—without the dated look of lip liner, Fine said. Unless, of course, that's what you're going for: "Everybody wants this long-lasting lipstick that doesn't come off, but that's going to look cakey by the end of the night," Aude said. "I love a stain and then matte red on top. Who cares if it transfers? That's kind of sexy."

Play up your pout by going easy on the rest of your makeup. Fine and Aude said a basic black winged cat-eye is the perfect complement.

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