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Sriracha flavored vodka is here, like it or not

December 02, 2013|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

Think of it as a means to drink away the sadness of the Sriracha plant partially shutting down. 

Phillips Distilling Company, makers of UV Vodka, announced Monday Sriracha is joining their ranks of flavored liquor, which also includes cake, caramel and "blue." According to a press release from the company, the vodka infuses a mix of "chili peppers, vinegar and garlic" in order to "create an authentic sriracha flavor that is the right balance of spice, tang and sweetness." 

"Sriracha connoisseurs will love the bold, bright chili, complimented by a sweetness that finishes green," Jim Aune, the director of research and development for Phillips, said in the release.

The press release notes a 750ml bottle will cost $11.99. One-liter bottles will be $12.99, and 50ml smaller bottles will be priced at 99 cents. 

A public relations representative for the company said bottles should be arriving in stores soon nationwide, and that the flavor will be in no way affected by the Sriracha factory's partial closure.  

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