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James Marsden gets greased up for Playboy

The 40-year-old actor gives a revealing interview about his career in Hollywood

  • James Marsden tells Playboy that "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" is the only movie of his that he's actually excited to see.
James Marsden tells Playboy that "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"… (Gavin Bond/Playboy )
November 21, 2013|By Courtney Griffin | RedEye

He might not have been crowned the Sexiest Man Alive this year, but photos of greased-up James Marsden in the December issue of Playboy put up a good fight on his behalf.

The 40-year-old actor and self-professed "obsessed" fan of "Anchorman" spoke with Playboy about his 20-year career in Hollywood and trying to get Will Ferrell to crack a smile while on the set of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." Marsden plays Ron Burgundy's nemesis in the highly-anticipated sequel opening Dec. 20.

"My goal was to get Will to bust up. Will's so tough, man. He really holds it together," Marsden told Playboy Contributing Editor David Hochman as part of the 20Q section. "But we had this scene where he's pleading with me, and I raised my voice with so much volume and conviction, the corner of his mouth started to curl up—just a little, but enough to feel like maybe I can hang with him now."

The actor went on to say that 'Anchorman 2' is "the first movie in my career I've wanted to see after I finished it."

Marsden first gained notoriety for his portrayal of Cyclops in the first three X-Men films (2000-2006), and is often rumored to be the father of fellow X-Men star January Jones' son, Xander. Jones' son was born in 2011, the same year Marsden finalized his divorce with actress Lisa Linde.

"There's so much stupid talk out there," Marsden told Playboy. "I think that came from somebody thinking we were both in 'X-Men' so it must be true. Every time I see January, she's like, 'Hey, father of my baby.'"

Marsden brings up another "X-Men" co-star in the interview, telling Playboy about the time he saw Halle Berry scarfing down food from Burger King on a plane.

"I just sat there watching, thinking, 'I love you, Halle Berry,'" he said.

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