Turkey shortage nothing to worry about

November 20, 2013|By Courtney Jacquin @courtneyjacquin | RedEye

Don't worry, you will have turkey for Thanksgiving.

Though many of Butterball's birds had trouble gaining weight this year (what a problem to have), limiting the number of fresh, large turkeys Butterball will have available for the holiday.

But, the company promises to have the shelves stocked with frozen turkeys of all sizes to meet next Thursday's needs.

If your Thanksgiving plans involve a large group and a super-sized bird is required, Butterball recommends purchasing a frozen bird in the desired size--but be prepared to start prepping early.

"Depending on the size of their turkey, it typically takes between three to five days to thaw," according to Butterball. "We suggest thawing in a refrigerator for four hours per every pound of turkey."

The company expects the problem to be remedied by Christmas.

Though Butterball is the No. 1 turkey provider for Thanksgiving, other companies are not reporting a shortage in their fresh turkeys this year. If your heart's set on a large fresh turkey, there are other options.

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