BBC reveals 'Night of the Doctor,' a minisode prequel to 'Day of the Doctor'

November 14, 2013|By Elliott Serrano, @ElliottSerrano | For RedEye

Leave it to Doctor Who head writer/showrunner Steven Moffat to pull out a surprise from his bag of tricks, as a previous incarnation of the Doctor makes a sudden re-appearance in this "mini-episode" titled "Night of the Doctor".

So much talk has been made of how the 50th anniversary special would be a celebration of Doctor Who's history, but that it would also move it into the future and a new era. From the looks of this prequel, it does appear that the Time War storyline - something that has been lurking in the background since the show returned with Chris Eccelston and Russell T. Davies - is finally going to be addressed.

And then it's onward!

Were you as happy to see the return of this version of the Doctor as I was?

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