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Carrie Underwood gets her own comic book

  • Cover, illustrated by Nelson Hernandez, for "Fame: Carrie Underwood," the comic book about Carrie Underwood being released Nov. 13.
Cover, illustrated by Nelson Hernandez, for "Fame: Carrie Underwood,"…
November 11, 2013|By Courtney Jacquin @courtneyjacquin | RedEye

There aren't enough comic books about female country stars, said no one ever, but alas “Fame: Carrie Underwood” is being released Wednesday, Nov. 13.

The comic book, available in print and digital, tells the story of Underwood’s trials and tribulations as a small town girl on her rise to fame. From Oklahoma to American Idol, Underwood’s story is told in 32 illustrated pages.

“We get a lot of request on subjects to tell their stories in this unique medium,” Darren G Davis, publisher for Bluewater Productions, said. “Carrie Underwood has always been at the top of the list.”

The book is written by Loyd Gant and illustrated by Manuel Diaz. Cover art is by Nelson Hernandez.

In case the Carrie Underwood story isn’t enough, Bluewater “Fame” series subjects include Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. Ian Somerhalder, Pink and Brad Paisley slated to be subjects in the future.

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