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Bears play word association, Packers style

Who you callin' Fathead? Players call it like they see it when it

  • So, what do Bears players think of Green Bay's signature Cheesehead hats?
So, what do Bears players think of Green Bay's signature Cheesehead… (Getty Images )
November 03, 2013|By Leonor Vivanco, @lvivanco

Words? Oh, there are plenty Bears fans want to use when describing the direction the season has taken. But we're going to let that sit for now. Instead, to get in the spirit of Bears-Packers for Monday night, we asked the players to have fun with some Green Bay-related vocabulary.


Patrick Mannelly: Favorite place to play outside of Soldier Field

Corey Wootton: Enemy turf

Zach Minter: Tradition

Khaseem Greene: Legendary

Martellus Bennett: Ferrari


Patrick Mannelly: Goofy

Corey Wootton: Ridiculous

Zach Minter: Ugly

Khaseem Greene: Weird

Martellus Bennett: Sandwich


Patrick Mannelly: Fathead [as in the commercial]

Corey Wootton: Long hair

Zach Minter: Fathead

Khaseem Greene: Beast

Martellus Bennett: Play-Doh


Patrick Mannelly: Discount Double Check

Corey Wootton: We need to sack him

Zach Minter: Precise

Khaseem Greene: Intelligent

Martellus Bennett: Discount Double Check


Patrick Mannelly: Wrangler jeans

Corey Wootton: Retired

Zach Minter: Warrior

Khaseem Greene: Hall of Famer

Martellus Bennett: Old


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