The Butcher & Larder closes temporarily

Owner Rob Levitt explains temporary closer of Noble Square's The Butcher & Larder

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The Butcher & Larder (Lenny Gilmore / RedEye )
October 31, 2013|By Lisa Arnett, @redeyeeatdrink

Nov. 1 update: Owner Rob Levitt tells RedEye that The Butcher & Larder is set to reopen at 12 noon on Friday, Nov. 1

When Noble Square butcher and sandwich shop The Butcher & Larder posted an announcement on Twitter and Facebook Wednesday that it would be closed for a day or two due to "'issues' with the good city of Chicago," fans were quick to respond.

Some wondered what they could do to help. "Is this one of those 'storm the Bastille' moments?" posted one Facebook fan. Others just wondered why. 

"It's definitely not a health department thing," said owner Rob Levitt. "[We had] a licensing mishap, some stuff that wasn't paid. ... It's not serious and the business isn't in danger."

Levitt said he plans to announce the reopening via the shop's Twitter and Facebook accounts. In the meanwhile, Thanksgiving turkey orders are still be accepted through Nov. 2 by phone at 773-687-8280.

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