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Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Fox character masks


  • Download these Halloween masks at
Download these Halloween masks at (Fox )
October 30, 2013|By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol | RedEye

If you're still struggling to come up with a Halloween costume, Fox has a quick and easy solution with life-size, downloadable masks of characters from its shows.

You could go as Winston (Lamorne Morris) Jess (Zooey Deschanel) or other "New Girl" characters. They have Simon Cowell and other "X-Factor" foiks, Roger from "American Dad" and the "Axe Cop" himself. You'll also find masks for characters from "Almost Human," "The Simpsons," "Bob's Burgers," "Family Guy" and other shows.

If you're already set for a costume but want to carve a special Jack-o-lantern, the network has stencils of favorite characters as well.

You'll find them all at, or click here to go directly to the masks.

If you don't like any of those ideas, check out RedEye's advice by clicking here.

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