'My [knife] is bigger,' said witness during robbery

October 18, 2013|By Rachel Cromidas, @rachelcromidas | RedEye

A box cutter-wielding man was arrested for robbing a woman at a CTA station Thursday after a witness pulled a knife to prevent him from escaping, county prosecutors said.

"Mine is bigger than yours," the witness said to the man as he ran through the Red Line Harrison Street Station with a woman's cell phone and Ventra card, according to court records.

The man, Robert Henderson, 48, of Dolton, Ill., was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery after he allegedly grabbed a cell phone out of a woman's hand as she walked down the station stairs Thursday afternoon. The woman would not let go of her phone at first, the police report said, so Henderson bit her hand, causing her to drop the phone and her Ventra card, which Henderson pocketed.

The victim chased Henderson as he fled with her belongnigs tucked into his coat pocket, prosecutors said, shouting. The victim grabbed at his coat, prosecutors said, and he wiggled out of it as he continued to flee. Several witnesses tried to stop Henderson, the report said, but he threatened them with a box cutter and said, "You guys want to get cut?"

That's when one witness pulled out a knife and told Henderson to "just give back the iPhone and her stuff," the police report said.

Henderson told the officers who arrested him that the woman's possessions were in the pockets of his coat, which he had left on the ground in the station while fleeing.

Henderson was brought to the Cook County Criminal Courthouse Friday afternoon and held on $350,000.

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