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Fantasy Football Rivals - Soxman versus the King of Geeks: Week 6

October 17, 2013|Elliott Serrano, for Redeye

It’s Week 6 of the Survivor Fantasy Football League and Chicago’s #1 White Sox fan - Soxman - continues to toil in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, yours truly got hit with some karma after making a controversial trade with another competitor. What happened to Soxman? What were the consequences of my machinations? Read on and see for yourself:

Soxman: The best way for me to summarize fantasy week six is that I had no Luck at all.  No Andrew Luck that is!  His failure to find the end zone on Monday Night Football helped me overcome poor line-up decisions once again to go 2-1 on the week and achieve a 3-way tie for 3rd place.
I passed on starting Brandon Marshall (2 TDs) because like the rest of the world I thought that Rob Gronkowski was going to play.  When he didn’t, I decided to listen to you and not play Maurice Jones-Drew (who scored a touchdown) playing Le’Von Bell instead, (no touchdown). 

So much for that Jedi intuition to see the future…PAL.  Now I know how Ralph Kramden felt on the Honeymooners when Norton let him down….Bang!  Zoom! To the moon!

Elliott: You’ve heard the old saying that “even a broken clock is right twice a day”? Well, that’s MJD. You can color me shocked if he somehow scores more than a half-dozen TDs this season. And how could you NOT play Brandon Marshall after his little tirade about not getting the ball enough? You just had to know that Cutler was going to try and keep his buddy happy.

I just wish that Alshon Jeffrey actually caught the ball o those rare occasions when “Cutty” threw in his direction. His paltry receiving numbers were as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  And I swear that Peyton Manning must hate his kicker, since all he allowed him to kick were extra points in their last game. COME ON MANNING SETTLE FOR FIELD GOALS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!

Leaving Bears Kicker Robbie Gould's 12 points on the bench ended up costing me. Had I played him - or Bengal's QB Andy Dalton, I would have gone 2-1 as opposed to 1-2 this week. I'm still in first place of my division, but I've got that scheming Brian Moore nipping on my heels!

Soxman: As you are a self-admitted nerd, I’ll channel Jambi the Genie, the pal of the true king of geeks, Pee Wee Herman in looking to the future and previewing week 7. 

Drew Brees is on a bye.  Do you think Andy Dalton (3 TDs in week 6), who you acquired in the blockbuster trade with the Red Eye’s Brian Moore will have enough magic in his arm to bring you a win, or will you say "Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho” and find another source of scoring from the scrap heap?

Ok for you youngsters, who might not get the Pee Wee Herman pop culture analogy, Elliott is like Hugh Jackman in Real Steel.  He builds a prize winning fighting robot of a fantasy football team with cast-offs and parts he finds from a junkyard.  #Truth

Sorry “Bub,” but that is the only Hugh Jackman comparison I’m giving you.  Although when it comes to these fantasy football debates you are pretty good at bringing the claws out!

Elliott: While I appreciate the back-handed compliment, I think it may be a bit premature. That trade I made with Moore looked good on the surface, but then the running back who was the lynchpin of the deal - Dallas’ Demarco Murray - went down his an injury after scoring a TD. His backup - Joseph Randle - was quickly snatched up off of waivers by Moore. THINK I GOT HOODWINKED?

As for the bye, I’m going with Andy Dalton, who actually had better numbers than Brees did this past weekend. Now watch Jets QB Geno Smith have a monster game while sitting on my bench.

After my trade with Moore, I find myself in the same situation that I was in before it: thin at running back and with my QBs messing with my head.

Soxman: Did you watch the season premiere of the Walking Dead? (Spoiler Alert to those who didn’t see it.) What do you think the deal is with the drinking water?  How about the scene where the roof caved in and trapped newbie, former military medic Bob as zombies crashed through the ceiling and crawled towards him ready to feast?

I bring up the Walking Dead for two reasons.  First, when I saw the roof crashing scene, after instinctively singing “It’s Raining Zombies” to the Weather Girls Disco classic “It’s Raining Men,”

I quickly thought the scene was symbolic of our buddy, league commissioner, Phil Thompson.  His 2-16 record likely has him feeling like he’s having his flesh ripped apart or likely wishing Daryl would just walk up to him and put him out of his misery with a head stomp like he did that zombie.

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