Please take us back, D-Rose

  • We take back all those terrible things we said, D-Rose. Can you forgive us?
We take back all those terrible things we said, D-Rose. Can you forgive us? (Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago…)
October 15, 2013|By Scott Bolohan @ScottBolohan | For RedEye

Wow, you're looking great.

I know we had some problems, but that is all in the past right? Long time ago right?

OK, OK. I've changed, I swear.

You were hurt. Real bad. And when you needed me the most I turned my back on you. I was just being selfish. I know you never wanted this for us. I didn't either. I'm sorry.

I know you had some things you had to get through, it couldn't have been easy and I was a jerk for abandoning you. But you were such a tease, you know? One minute I thought you were coming back and then the next I would see you sitting with those other guys and I would lose it. I was jealous. I was sad and frustrated and angry.

I just missed you, that's all. I said some things I wish I could take back. Like when I said your heart wasn't in it. You just needed some time. You've always known what's best for you. I wanted you back more than anything. But I just didn't know how to show it and it came out all wrong.

I kept hearing things from your brother and from all these other people and I didn't know what to believe. But it was the only thing I had to go on, you know? I should have just listened to what you were saying all along.

I never had any problem buying all the shoes, the clothes, the drinks. I was happy to. But after all that, I thought you owed me something. You didn't. I was wrong.

We've been through so much together over the last couple years. It would be a shame to waste it all.

I admit, I saw some other people last year. No matter how hard they tried, they didn't compare to you. I think now we could be better than ever.

Sometimes I dream about those hot summer nights with you, scoring 10, sometimes 15 or even 20 times a night …

Will you forgive me? Just one more chance? Please?

Maybe we can talk about getting that ring again.

Scott Bolohan is a RedEye special contributor.

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