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Who's top dog: Week 6 results

October 09, 2013|RedEye

Each week, RedEye's prognosticating pooch, Whizzer, goes paw to paw with Rob Cressy's miniature schnauzer, Callie, to see who picks NFL games more accurately.

Whizzer went 3-2 in Week 6 while Callie was 5-0. Overall, Whizzer is 21-9 and Callie is 17-13.

Here are their picks for Week 6 and how they fared: 


Bears 27, N.Y. Giants 21: Bears

Green Bay 19, Baltimore 17: Packers

New England 30, New Orleans 27: Patriots

Detroit 31, Cleveland 17: Lions

Carolina 35, Minnesota 10: Panthers

Week results: 5-0


N.Y. Giants at Bears: Bears

Green Bay at Baltimore: Ravens

New Orleans at New England: Patriots

Detroit at Cleveland: Browns

Carolina  Minnesota: Vikings

Week results: 3-2

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