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Confirmed: Chief Keef's new puppy is a Pomeranian

  • Chief Keef's new puppy.
Chief Keef's new puppy. (Instagram )
September 19, 2013|By Mick Swasko, @swasko

All hail the Almighty Pomeranian.

Chicago rapper Chief Keef took to Instagram late Wednesday to introduce the world to “Almighty,” his new tiny Pomeranian puppy.

Woof Woof Puppies and Boutique, a Southfield, Mich. based breeder, confirmed Thursday morning that the little pile of fluff was indeed purchased by Keef -- whose real name is Keith Cozart -- with the intention of raising it himself.

Joanne Sesi, who works at Woof Woof, said she could not divulge too many details about clients, but said the Pomeranian is a male, and it’s the second of the breed Keef has purchased from the shop. The first, a cream colored female teacup pomeranian, was purchased for his daughter.

“He’s wonderful,” Sesi said. “We do Facetime (video chat) and text back and forth. He’s wonderful at taking care of the baby. He’s always asking questions.”

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