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Aviary team scouting location for new 'drinking establishment'

(Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago…)
September 19, 2013|By Kate Bernot, @redeyeeatdrink | RedEye

A mysterious blog tipped us off this morning to the possibility that Nick Kokonas, Grant Achatz and the team behind cocktail spot The Aviary and restaurants Next and Alinea had a new project in the works.

Kokonas, a partner in all three venues, confirmed that it was indeed him quoted in the blog post, and tells RedEye that the team currently is looking for a location for a new "drinking establishment."

So, does that mean an Aviary part two?

No, according to Kokonas, who said the "drinking establishment" likely won't be what people are imagining. He added that though the concept is nearly finalized, a location still is in the works.

They hope to have the project open by the end of next year.  @redeyeeatdrink

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