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Track review: "Genius," R. Kelly

September 19, 2013|By Ernest Wilkins, @ErnestWilkins | RedEye Sound Board

This track should have been called "Return of the King." After taking a vintage approach on his last album, "Write Me Back," Kells clearly has heard the footsteps of one Terius Nash (The-Dream) approaching his crown as the king of sexual smoothness. With this new single, he's back to remind people who the man really is.

The third release off of his upcoming "Black Panties," this song is classic R. Kelly, a lightly-produced track that's more or less a sturdy foundation to build a house of sweetly-sung sin upon. A welcome upgrade from "My Story" and "Tear It Up," the first two singles, he coos about wonderful things like "feeling butterflies while kissing on your thighs" and reminds you that "Tonight, you're lying with a sex genius."

Hopefully, the remaining songs on the album match the quality of this track. Seriously man, this (Sex) song is so (Sex) Good that you should (Sex) totally (Sex) play it the next (Sex) time you have (Sex) sex...responsibly, of course.

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