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Men accused of keeping nearly $7 million worth of pot in garage

  • Joaquin Muneton and Manuel Mata (Chicago Police Department)
Joaquin Muneton and Manuel Mata (Chicago Police Department)
September 10, 2013|By Rachel Cromidas, @rachelcromidas | RedEye

Two men were arrested Monday morning after police officers found $6.8 million worth of cannabis in a Portage Park garage, county prosecutors said.

Joaquin Muneton, 39, of the 3500 block of North Kilpatrick Avenue, and Manuel Mata, 37, were arrested after police officers conducting surveillance on the garage found the cannabis while executing a search warrant, the police report said.

The report said they had found more than 430,000 grams of the drug at Mata's residence located in the 4400 block of North Melvina Avenue.

Both men were brought to the Cook County Criminal Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon and ordered held on $250,000 bond.

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