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Whizzer vs. Callie: Week 1 picks

September 04, 2013|RedEye

Prepare for the ultimate dogfight. All season long, Callie, freelancer Rob Cressy's miniature schnauzer, Callie, will compete with RedEye's veteran prognosticating pooch, Whizzer, for NFL prediction supremacy. Their Week 1 picks are below.

Meet the new 'expert' in town ...

By Rob Cressy, For RedEye

TGIF! Thank God It's Football, that is. The NFL is back and many so-called "experts" will be dispensing predictions ad nauseam. Well, there's a new expert in town.

Callie is my sports-loving miniature schnauzer who goes bonkers for Beggin Strips, chasing squirrels and picking games. Yes, you read that correctly. I said picking games.

Each week Callie will flex her sports muscles by picking winners from five NFL matchups.

If Chris Berman can pick the 49ers and Bills to meet in the Super Bowl every year, then a dog making picks is not that far-fetched. (See what we did there?)

If you want to question Callie's credibility, bring it. I watch or listen to roughly 12 hours of sports every day. And guess who's kicking it with me the entire time. Yep. Callie.

I cannot confirm how much English Callie can understand, but I do know when I say "treats," "dingo" or "go for a walk," she loses it like Derrick Rose does after throwing down a monster dunk.

So watch out, Vegas. Watch out, Chicago. You've officially been put on notice by my dog.

Rob Cressy is a RedEye special contributor. @baconsports

... And meet her competition

By Whizzer, For RedEye

Oh no you didn't, Callie. When another dog wants to whiz, er, predict on my turf, I usually chew them up and spit them out like my owner's old shoes.

I'm willing to make an exception this time, however. It may or may not be because I'm still full from sneaking food during RedEye's Labor Day picnic.

So for the next 17 weeks, you've got your paws full, Callie. May the best canine win. (That would be me.)

Whizzer is a RedEye special contributor.


Baltimore at Denver: Ravens

Green Bay at San Francisco: 49ers

Philadelphia at Washington: Eagles

Minnesota at Detroit: Lions

Bears vs. Cincinnati: Bengals


Baltimore at Denver: Broncos

Green Bay at San Francisco: Packers

Philadelphia at Washington: Redskins

Minnesota at Detroit: Lions

Bears vs. Cincinnati: Bears

RESULTS: Callie 3-2, Whizzer 2-3

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