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Security company employee arrested for selling stolen products in eBay store: Prosecutors

August 29, 2013|By Rachel Cromidas, @rachelcromidas | RedEye

A Berwyn man was arrested Wednesday morning after his employer, Titan Security, found he was selling company products on eBay for thousands of dollars, county prosecutors said.

Jeffrey Winston, 43, was employed as an installer of home alarm systems by Titan Security when he began stealing their products and selling them on his eBay account, Jwinston22, according to court records. The products were easy to identify as stolen because the eBay listings provided the serial numbers for each item, the police report said.

Prosecutors said the items he resold were valued at more than $3,000. According to eBay's website, Winston has maintained an eBay account since 2005 and has dozens of five-star ratings for shipping the items for sale and communicating with buyers.

Winston, who was arrested at home shortly after 10 a.m., was brought to the Cook County Criminal Courthouse on Thursday afternoon and released on a $25,000 I-bond.

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