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Today is the start of Geek Week on YouTube

Animated "Star Wars Filibuster" by The Nerdist kicks off week of featuring geeky content

August 04, 2013|Elliott Serrano, for Redeye

Today marks the beginning of "Geek Week" on YouTube where the internet channel will be featuring some of the nerdiest content on the web!

One of the crown jewels of the channel is an animated version of the "Star Wars Filibuster" done by comedian and uber-geek Patton Oswalt on "Park and Recreation," and rendered by the folks over at The Nerdist Channel:

Follow that with this hilarious parody of "Breaking Bad" as done by the talented cast of "Middle School Musical" (The scene with Gus Fring is gonna slay you):

And then check out this incredible, live-action version of Peter Griffin's first fight with the giant Chicken on Family Guy, as re-enacted by 2 kick-ass women!

Check back each day for more geeky content on

Geek Week on YouTube runs from August 4-10. Let me know which are your favorite videos! Either tell me in the comment section, via e-mail, or on Twitter.

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