Faceoff: Andrew Shaw vs. Ryan Hartman

  • Is 2013 Blackhawks draft pick the next Andrew Shaw? We let a RedEye faceoff decide. (SHAW, LEFT: Tribune) (HARTMAN, RIGHT: Getty Images)
Is 2013 Blackhawks draft pick the next Andrew Shaw? We let a RedEye faceoff…
July 09, 2013|By Scott King | For RedEye

Many hockey analysts are comparing the Blackhawks top 2013 draft pick, 18-year-old Ryan Hartman, to Blackhawks fan favorite Andrew Shaw. Of course, there's only one way to truly see how much these two have in common: with a RedEye faceoff.


Shaw: 5-foot-11, 165 pounds

Hartman: 5-foot-11, 185 pounds

Edge: Hartman. The extra weight comes in handy when you're picking on players who are bigger than you.


Shaw: Loves shin pads.

Hartman: Enjoys the Shedd Aquarium.

Edge: Shaw. Those shin pads won a Stanley Cup Final game. In triple overtime.

FIGHTS IN 2012-13

Shaw: 5

Hartman: 6

Edge: Hartman. Chicago loves a fighter.


Shaw: Dropped an F-bomb on live TV after scoring the winning goal in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Hartman: He's well-spoken but has just begun doing press. Nothing too wild.

Edge: Shaw. It takes guts to not give a [bleep] about what you say sometimes.


Shaw: Re-enacting the famous "Titanic" scene with Patrick Kane, and tweeting the photo

Hartman: Observing Blackhawks prospect camp.

Edge: Shaw. He's more movie star material at this point in his career.


Shaw, 3-2. The Hartman kid shows potential, but Shaw had quite the 2013, and that's tough to top.

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