Fans recall the best of the 2013 Blackhawks

June 27, 2013|By Jack M Silverstein | For RedEye

After a Stanley Cup Final for the ages and another Blackhawks championship, RedEye wanted to hear from readers. We posed two questions:

1. Where were you when the Hawks won the Cup? Describe the scene and your celebration.

2. When you look back on the 2013 Blackhawks, what will you remember?


Editor's note: Answers are in alphabetical order.


J.R. Bang, 31, Bolingbrook

1. I was actually just waking up. I looked on Twitter and people were talking Game 7 and as soon as I turned to NBC the Blackhawks were hugging it out. I felt bad that I was asleep but I ran around my house like I was at the United Center.

2. The highs and lows. This team was celebrated for the lengthy streak at the beginning of the season and left for dead by hockey analysts during the Red Wings series only to hoist Lord Stanley's cup.


Paul M. Banks, 35, Gold Coast

1. I was at home in the Gold Coast. I went down to Rush and Division and tweeted, instagrammed and FlipShared all I saw. All was well. I interviewed a few policemen and they all said that their night had been pleasantly quiet. So kudos to Chicago for celebrating with class. I only had one drink. And my toast to my friends was simple: "A Victory For Josh [Mora] and Susannah [Collins]."

2. I'll remember the media aspect of it. I built my social media following during the Blackhawks run. My most popular tweets came in relationship to Blackhawks games and breaking news. The most important things I wrote were about Blackhawks media.


Adam Bayard, 25, Lincoln Park

1. I was watching at home with my roommates. I'm going overseas for two weeks the day after the game so I was going to pack for the first period and drive to meet other people at a bar, but it was at capacity before the first period ended so we watched at home.

2. They made hockey fun again and made it a little easier to follow the Rose-less Bulls.


Alex Beh, 30, Los Angeles

1. I was at the Escondite in downtown Los Angeles with all my close Chicago friends, and the place exploded with joy and excitement. No one knew we were going to win this one with 70 seconds left in the game. Everything changed, and we were elated.

2. I'll remember the dream team: Toews, Kane, Hossa, Crawford, and the boys. Seeing them at the United Center a few times this year was great. I'm proud of them and my cousin Annie Camins who works for the Hawks. She's getting another ring in the mail.


Scott Bolohan, RedEye contributor

1. Um yeah, I was by myself in my apartment. But I was party rockin' some hummus and pita chips. I'm still not sure I really believe they scored those two goals in the last minute.

2. I mean Andrew Shaw's face is pretty ingrained in my memory right now, but I would imagine it'll eventually be the start of the season when they actually made me consider that they wouldn't lose a game all year.


Sarah Bruce, 35, Wicker Park

1. I work in Wicker Park. I was working at Jerry's sandwich shop. Not your typical sports bar. Huge drop down screen with sound. Had the spill over from the crazy packed bars on Division. Awesome, excited crowd! Every second of the game we were all on our toes. Two goals in 17 seconds?! Are you kidding me?!! The sounds from inside the bar and out on the street were insane. The sound of the city came alive with 56 seconds left. I was so nervous and excited! Sick moment for all Hawks fans! In 2010 I was working at a bar in the South Loop. Still as, if not more, electrifying! Hawks baby!!!! Chitown for eva!!!!!

2. I would have to say the excitement of so many consecutive wins and looking forward to winning the Cup. I love how Chicago stands behind their teams and the love of the game.


Val Capone, 34, Roscoe Village

1. I opted for the low key atmosphere of Beat Kitchen in Roscoe Village. Known for their delish food and live music, many people wondered why I picked a non-sports bar to watch such an important game. Actually, Beat Kitchen is one of my favorite places to watch sports. It's the kind of place that will always have the game on up front and have an awesome band playing in the back room.

All of 30 people were in the room and all 60 eyes were turned to the action in Boston. I nabbed a seat at the end of the bar, just under one of their two flat screens, and set up my rally towels. One was from the 2010 Stanley Cup run, the other from Game 1 of the 2013 bid. Armed with those towels, my iPad, cell phone and some pretty excellent pizza, I was all set.

Over the course of the game my excitement translated into a flurry of towel swinging, Chelsea Dagger singing and some pretty choice words I'm sure Andrew Shaw could relate to. As soon as Coach Q pulled Crow I knew, I just KNEW we had this. Bickell's goal confirmed it and 17 glorious seconds later I had tears in my eyes when Bolland sealed the deal.

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