Spat over Lincoln Park statue heading to court

  • The Chevron statue in Lincoln Park.
The Chevron statue in Lincoln Park. (Facebook )
June 10, 2013|By Mick Swasko, @swasko | RedEye

A controversial, 40-foot, blue, windmill-style sculpture in Lincoln Park will have its day in court.

The city filed a complaint in Cook County circuit court May 31, alleging the giant blue sculpture at Armitage Avenue and Burling Street never had proper permits to be installed, that it poses potential safety hazards and that it causes a "public nuisance" in Lincoln Park. The suit was filed against property owner John Novak, who has had the installation in his yard since 2011.

According to the suit, Novak stands to face thousands of dollars worth of penalties for multiple violations of city code. The suit alleges the sculpture poses public safety concerns because it overhangs a sidewalk. The suit demands Novak bring the structure up to code.

The sculpture has been a source of debate in the Lincoln Park community, according to Crain's Chicago Business, as many neighbors have complained about it. Some have left anonymous notes in Novak's mailbox expressing their disapproval. A plan to move the sculpture -- called "Chevron" by American artist John Henry -- to Northern Illinois University was floated, Crain's notes, but has since fallen through.

A message seeking comment from Novak was not immediately returned.

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