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Chicago is the country's 15th most romantic city

June 05, 2013|By Riley Blevins @Riley_Blevins | RedEye

Strolling along the Lake Michigan beachfront. Gazing into each other’s eyes while coasting aboard the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Holding hands and tiptoeing to the glass edge of the Willis Tower’s Skydeck.

Is there a more romantic city than Chicago?

No. Well, aside from 14 other cities.

Chicago is the 15th most romantic destination in North America, according to

The Windy City was revealed as a top choice for summer lovin’ on the travel dating website, with 298 trips already planned between now and August.’s top 20 most romantic cities list was based on a survey of 24,340 trips planned via the site between June 1 to Aug. 31.

San Francisco claimed the top spot this year with 3,204 trips booked. New York City and Miami round out Nos. 2-3.

“All cities are not created equal,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of “Picking the right destination could mean the difference between finding a platonic connection and falling in love.” has more than 300,000 members worldwide since the website launched in April 2012.

Here’s a look at the top 20:
1. San Francisco, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Miami, FL
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. Toronto, ON
6. Los Angeles, CA
7. Orlando, FL
8. Dallas, TX
9. Honolulu, HI
10. Nashville, TN
11. Montreal, QC
12. Austin, TX
13. San Diego, CA
14. Seattle, WA
15. Chicago, IL
16. Philadelphia, PA
17. Washington D.C.
18. Santa Barbara, CA
19. Vancouver, BC
20. Salt Lake City, UT

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