Dead Serious: Hawks don't wanna go home

May 27, 2013|RedEye

It's often the case that as Jonathan Toews goes, so go the Blackhawks. He's had a rough series against Detroit, especially with three penalties in Game 4. The captain did notch his first goal of the playoffs in Game 5 to help keep his team alive, and the spotlight was on him in Monday's do-or-die Game 6 in Detroit.

Could the Hawks force Game 7? You could tell how Monday's game was going by Toews' expression, whether that be steady, enraged or stoked.


Stoked: GOAL! Marian Hossa cashes in on a Hawks power play, with none other than Toews getting an assist. That oughta improve his mood.

Enraged: Uh-oh. Toews shoves Johan Franzen into Jimmy Howard, earning him a ticket to the penalty box. Captain gets his pound of flesh, but that temper's still not in check.

Steady: Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk hopscotches around the entire Hawks defense and almost scores, but Corey Crawford bails out his teammates. The Captain is most pleased.

Enraged: Late in the period, Crawford surrenders a rebound, and Patrick Eaves beats the goalie on the short side. The Captain is NOT pleased.

Score: Blackhawks 1, Red Wings 1


Steady: Hossa has Howard dead to rights after a nifty pass by Toews, but the Detroit goaltender slams the door. Still, one of these has to get through, right?

Steady: Toews squeezes through the Red Wings penalty killers and has Howard one on one, but he can't hit pay dirt. This feels a lot like Game 4, unfortunately.

Stoked: Crawford smothers a very dangerous chance by Henrik Zetterberg in the goal mouth, preserving the tie. Your turn again, Hawks offense.

Enraged: Crap. Joakim Andersson knuckles one past Crawford from another ZIP code for a heartbreakingly soft goal. Urge to destroy Zamboni … rising …

Score: Red Wings 2, Blackhawks 1


Stoked: GOAL! Less than a minute into the third period, Michal Handzus is wide open in front of the net and beats Howard. Urge to destroy Zamboni … fading …

Stoked: GOAL! This time, Toews throws one to the front of the net, where big, bad Bryan Bickell powers it the rest of the way for a Hawks lead. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Stoked: GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Michael Frolik is awarded on a penalty shot, and he lifts one past Howard on the glove side. Do we hear Game 7?

Stoked: Game 7. Wednesday. Even after a late Red Wings goal made things awfully scary, Blackhawks Nation’s despair is nowhere to be found. Same goes for Toews’.

Final score: Blackhawks 4, Red Wings 3

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