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Q&A: Kayden Kross of 'Aroused'

April 30, 2013|Matt Pais, @mattpais | RedEye movie critic

I could tell that he was pretty messed up about it, too. So what do you do? Do you call off a day that’s going to cost the company you’re with thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars when you’re the one that put yourself in the situation? It’s weird. I have a close friend who she’s dating someone in the industry and works with him on almost every movie that she’s in. One time they got in a fight that morning—not a domestic violence fight, but definitely one of those knock-down, drag-out fights. [Laughs.] And they needed to have an anal scene right then. [Laughs.] So that’s weird. That’s hard. That’s funny, right? It’s funny. [Laughs.] There’s really no way to look at it other than, “OK, you kind of put yourself there.” That’s incredibly awkward and strange, but really [you have to] laugh. It’s funny.

Does that turn anyone off to those relationships?
Does anything ever turn people off of relationships where they’re so crazy about each other that they’re actually sort of temporarily insane? It’s like cocaine. [Laughs.] Nothing’s going to turn you off of a crazy relationship where it’s all sexual attraction.

What’s a reaction you hope people have when they walk out of “Aroused”?
I hope they feel better for porn. For what porn is. My favorite thing to see when people interact with me, especially when they’re women who don’t have any concept of porn, just know that it’s dirty and it’s bad and they don’t want their boyfriends watching it, my favorite thing is when I interact with them and at the end of the day they’re like, “Oh, yeah, porn’s no big deal.” Really, that’s what I want porn to be.

On Chicago: “I have been there a few times. My first time there was just a New Year’s Eve quick vacation. I’ve been there for a couple shoots. I think I bought one of my favorite little art pieces. I’ve been in and out of Chicago a number of times. More layovers than anything.”
On her Philip Roth kick and a book that should be made into a movie: “I just finished 'American Pastoral.' That is by far my favorite of his books. I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction lately, so they wouldn’t make good movies. I think you could really do something crazy awesome with 'Sabbath's Theater' just because it’s so much in the mind of the main character and you start losing sense not of reality in general but his reality. He doesn’t know what is him and what is him acting in a world because of response. I think we can all relate to that. We’ve all been there where you’ve gotten angry, you’ve been happy or you’ve cried and maybe you’ve bumped it up a little more because there’s an audience. That audience could be your mother because you’re trying to get pity or your girlfriend or your boyfriend because maybe you [bleeped] up or maybe a kid because you want them to know how happy you are that they did something that really is not benefiting your life in any sense but they’re so proud. Then I think there’s a greater question: Is that wrong? Is that a lie? Are we all just manipulative sociopaths who are performing to the world, or are we really genuinely experiencing these feelings?”
Why she had to walk out of the new “Evil Dead”: “When I think something’s going to jump out at me—I tried to explain this to my boyfriend. He’s a big TV junkie. Most people when they watch gore and blood and gunfire, they’re kind of immune to it because they’ve been watching it so much. I don’t watch TV so I don’t have that desensitized ability to just sit through anything. [Laughs.] So when you put me in a movie where [bleep]’s going to jump out at me, I am not going to [sit through it all]. I can’t; I’m way too sensitive to television. [Laughs.] ... Literally if I watch TV it’s because I’m passing it in an airport and it’s on the news or it’s because my boyfriend’s watching it downstairs and I went into the kitchen. Any contact I have with television is accidental. ... I remember watching it a little bit as a teenager and I think part of it--first of all, I’d rather read a book any day of the week than do anything else, or I’d rather write or I’d rather do something that in some sense makes me feel like I’m creating. With TV, I’m so conscious of the minutes that are going by where I'm not doing anything that I stress on that rather than what I’m watching. It’s not enjoyable.”

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