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Natalie Dormer masters the 'Game of Thrones'


April 16, 2013|By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol | RedEye

Do you want to read them?
I am enjoying where Dan and David are taking it. I like not knowing too much, to be honest. And I also love watching the show as a fan. There's such a wide range of stories. I like watching Dany's story and I like watching what's happening north of the Wall. I like watching the show as a fan because there are so many other fantastic storylines. So maybe I'll read the book retrospectively one day, but I'm just enjoying watching the show as a fan and not knowing what's happening at the moment to be honest.

Is it amazing that you're in this series and there's so many different places they film that you have no idea what's even happening any where else in the shoot?
Yeah. I mean it's great. A lot of us asked for the scripts, all of the scripts. We sit down and read the scripts so that we know what each other are doing. But nothing can replace watching it on screen. It's epic; it's so cinematic. We were watching the premiere at the Chinese Theater in L.A. and it really holds up on that ginormous screen. All those shots of Iceland, of North of the Wall and the amazing shots in Morocco. It's an epic show and I think all of the cast love getting together and sharing our joy and our compliments of each other's work. We're very proud of each other.

I worried about Margaery's intentions toward Sansa (Sophie Turner), but you say she genuinely likes her?
I think Margaery is genuinely sympathetic to Sansa. It's not to Margaery's advantage to the nasty to Sansa. The Tyrells want to win her over. They want to adopt her and look after her so that she can be on their side and be a replacement clan for her. There's kind of a big sisterly thing going on with Sansa--for Margaery down to Sansa.

Margaery's trying to teach Sansa a few things in the way of the world, and again I don't think--yeah it's so she can control her--but I think there is genuine empathy and sympathy there. Sophie and I kind of agreed on this, that if they'd met in another time or place, it's more than plausible that Sansa and Margaery would genuinely be good friends.

It's just a comment on their families and the circumstances they find themselves in when they meet each other that there's an edge to their relationship. That there's a tacit other things afoot. But there is a hope for genuine friendship, as long as it's advantageous I suppose. [Laughs.]

In your mind you have sort of, do you believe Margaery has a sort of theme or a motto she lives by?
She does. Her family sigil, her family words, "growing strong." "Growing strong," we're going to get there. We're going to move in, control the Lannisters, take over the throne and have children that were going to put on the Iron Throne. "Growing strong."

She seems to be on her way. Last question: Does Margaery or does Anne Boleyn have better clothes?
[Laughs.] All I can tell you is that the costume designers on both the shows have won Emmys. So I think those two women, Joan Bergin and Michelle Clapton, are very much sharing their own particular Iron Throne on that front.

Cersei says that Margaery's clothes are slutty...
They're all a bit cold, yeah. [Laughs.] It's funny isn't it?

I think she looks very tasteful.
Oh, thank you. She's not a slut at all. [Laughs.] And thank you for saying that. Fantastic.

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