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Q&A: Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump

April 12, 2013|By Matt Pais | RedEye Sound Board

I was thinking about that notion of people resenting the new. I just interviewed Jane Levy about the new “Evil Dead,” and she was saying she’s never been offended by a remake because if you want to watch the old one, great. The fact that a new one exists doesn’t mean the old one doesn’t.
And that’s one of the things. It’s hard for me to relate to that purist attitude because I don’t have that about anything. Like Elvis Costello [is] one of my biggest influences, right. I love Elvis Costello as an artist, and I love his art. I don’t love everything that he does. I don’t love every single record that comes out. He has all kind of different records. I love “My Aim is True” and I love “This Year’s Model” as much as the next guy. Totally love those records. I really really love his record with Burt Bacharach. That was a [bleepin’] powerhouse record. That was a great record. I wasn’t as engaged by “North.” I know a lot of people really love “North.” That wasn’t my record. That doesn’t mean that I was pissed off at him when he put out that record. [Laughs] That doesn’t mean that I was like, [stuffy voice] “Well, that’s it. He doesn’t know how to write songs anymore.” It was, “Oh, you know what, this particular piece of art isn’t for me, and I’ll wait for the next one.” And the next one came out and I loved it! It’s hard for me to relate to that kind of, [shouts], “No! You are going to do the same thing over and over and over again!” kind of mentality. It just doesn’t really work for me.

 So if there are songs on “Save Rock and Roll” that people don’t love, they shouldn’t send you hate mail and take it personally.
Well, hey, they can send all the hate mail they want. But they should not be taking it personally. There are way bigger things to worry about it in the world. And it’s definitely not personal. Unless you want it to be and that’s part of the art for you, ‘cause then in that case, yes, totally! [Laughs] Somebody tweeted me the other day again about this misconception that I was just butt-hurt that people didn’t like my record. I had been talking to somebody on Twitter. They said, “I don’t like the new single. Why did you do this?” or whatever. Their writing was very reasonable. It was a totally constructive, reasonable criticism. We talked; we had a conversation. It was great. Somebody else reading that conversation said to me, “Well, wait a second. I thought you don’t like when people tell you they don’t like your music.” I’m like, “No! There’s a huge difference between, ‘Hey, you know what, that new single isn’t for me,’ and [shouts], ‘You [bleeping] sellout, you should go kill yourself and your whole family should die and get AIDS, you idiot!’” Like, that kind of stuff, that’s just way different. A different breed of discussion and not entirely constructive. If you’re looking to say that kind of stuff, hey, good on you. I hope you have an excellent Tumblr.

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